It’s everywhere and it’s highly addictive – sugar has become a real danger in our diets – so how do we stop it in its tracks? That’s the question a lot of people would like to know the answer to.

For hypnotherapists, there is a real breakthrough solution to help sugar addicts who think they have tried everything in their power to quit.

Why you should consider sugar addiction therapy…
Many of us have learned to be reliant on sugar as a treat or a reward, for a job well done, or to ease stress. This pattern could have started in our childhood and been reinforced right through into adulthood. Our social environments make it nearly impossible for us not to be tempted by the sugar monster. From special offers on junk foods and drinks laden with sugar, to advertisements for “fake health food” riddled with artificial/chemical sugars and other things that are horrible for our health. Science and health professionals have now declared sugar as highly-addictive and one of the most damaging items in the modern diet, forcing many people to more closely examine what they put into their mouths. Many now realize that they consume far too much sugar, and some even admit that they are addicted.

Many of those that are sugar-addicted, and I used to be one, have tried to wean themselves off it, only to feel constantly deprived and preoccupied by the cravings. After fighting a good fight, many fall back into old habits and the control of the sugar monster again.

How hypnotherapy can help…
Hypnotherapy works to reprogram the emotional settings in the brain to sever the tie between the consumption of eating sugar and the emotional rewards that come with it. By ensuring that the subconscious mind is absorbing everything that it is taking in, and by combining strong visualization and emotional processes, hypnotherapy is highly effective in encouraging sugar-free habits.

Shazel’s experience and training enable her to offer customized techniques that help each client successfully halt their personal addiction. By reprogramming the mind to replace the emotional needs that sugar provides, Shazel helps her clients create new habits that are more likely to last longer than dieting or willpower alone. Shazel also delves beneath the surface to uncover any deeper underlying issues. This is achieved over a course of sessions that will diminish the client’s cravings, increase their motivation and teach them habit breaking techniques. With the strength of the client centered in the mind, hypnotherapy empowers the individual to use their mind to overcome urges and bad habits – without feeling deprived.

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