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Dr. Ricartty Trinidad was born in Mayaguez, PR and before he established himself in New York City, he was an active hypnosis teacher at the Art of Embracing Life Center. He conducts sessions in Spanish and English. With a strong background in martial arts, triathlon training, technical diving, performing arts and sky diving, he holds a minor in eastern and western religion, and a medicinae doctor degree (MD).

About Me


With more than twenty five years of experience in the field of clinical hypnosis he has learned methods to empower athletes, performing artists, executives, and people with different ailments to improve their lives. He has developed a sensitive manner when working with children and adults and always makes sure to take extra time to listen and really understand the individuals particular situation and circumstances.

Dr. Ricartty Trinidad is a Board Certified Hypnotherapist and Instructor (Certified Master Trainer) teaching others to become hypnotists so they can help others as well.

Dr. Trinidad specializes in many of the areas where some people have the most trouble. From using hypnosis to conquer fears and phobias to pain management and erectile dysfunction, Dr. Trinidad uses hypnosis, quadrant search for subconscious motives and NLP to help the unconscious be able to process the hypnotic suggestions more easily than just trying to tell yourself “It’s going to be OK”.

After each hypnosis session you will feel more confident and more relaxed in situations that have previously challenged you. People will notice that you look different, are more confident and your physiology will have changed due to your new way of thinking. Many people after their hypnosis sessions report that they are calmer and that they have more clarity of thought – able to make decisions more easily.

As you continue to work with Dr. Trinidad and apply the self-hypnosis techniques he teaches you, you will find that you have broken free of the negative mindset and thought patterns that have controlled your conscious and they have been replaced by positive and uplifting thoughts. This new way of “healthy thinking” goes a long way to helping people overcome their challenges.

Dr. Trinidad is also a sports performance specialist. Given his own personal background in sports and fitness he brings a high level of understanding that goes beyond what most hypnotists can do in this area. From improving your golf game to staying more focused for competitive sports, Dr. Trinidad can work with you one on one and will make hypnotic suggestions for not only the physical part of the game but the mental.

Being a Medical Doctor, Ricartty works with a great many people seeking pain relief without medication, or at least a reduced amount. Through a series of hypnosis sessions Dr. Trinidad can help you learn powerful self-hypnosis techniques that can help you “turn down” the level of pain your body is sending to your brain. Regardless if the pain is physical or emotional, Dr. Trinidad will help get to the root of the pain as well as reduce the body’s need to keep sending those pain signals to the brain and controlling your daily life.

With the same great success, Dr. Trinidad also uses hypnosis to help treat stress, anxiety, grief, general and specific fears, all types of addictions specially opioids and alkaloids (heroin and cocaine, respectively), insomnia or restless sleep patterns as well as hot flashes after chemotherapy, post traumatic stress syndrome, eating disorders, hypnosis for children to overcome bullying, lack of confidence, enuresis (bed wetting), and many others. He is also an expert on Past Life Regression, Near Death Experience (NDE) Regression, Life Between Lives Regression.

If you are looking to make a positive change in your life then hypnosis can help you. Give Eunoia Coaching a call today and let us know how we can help you with your goals and life challenges.



“I’ve felt inspired to help people better understand themselves and each other, for as long as I can remember.” -Shazel

Today, with thousands of hours of coaching and training experience, Shazel continues her life’s passion as a well-respected authority in personal effectiveness and influence. Shazel shares sustainable skills, “secret rules for success”, and funny anecdotes from two decades of lessons learned in corporate America.

Shazel’s style of metacognitive-facilitation and coaching is engaging and energizing. She combines a scientific understanding of individual thinking and behavioral patterns, with healthy doses of self-awareness and accountability measures to create sustained behavior change.

“I can remember, as a little girl, feeling an instinctive reflex to “referee” adult arguments – it was like I could see the gaps between their words and their understanding.” -Shazel

Giving Back

Shazel actively engages with her community and the youth. She served as a Judge for the Great Communicator Debate Series, hosted by The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation. High school students competed in the art of debate for $40,000 in scholarships. Recently, three-generations of her family had the honor of serving the homeless with food, socks and essentials at an overnight, outdoor soup kitchen. Shazel also served as a K.I.N.D. (Kids in Need of Defense) team partner. This national organization, founded by Angelina Jolie and the Microsoft Corporation, partners with companies to provide pro bono legal services to unaccompanied refugee and immigrant children who enter the U.S. immigration system alone.

In her spare time, you can find Shazel enjoying family and friends, out for a run, or recharging in the mountains or at the ocean.



Additionally, I maintain numerous professional certifications in the areas of leadership development, personal and professional development, diversity training, critical thinking, team performance, corporate culture, and organizational effectiveness & engagement.

I help people grow and organizations thrive.

What People Are Saying

"Shazel is the real deal.

When I first heard her speak, I became speechless.  Her voice was powerful and passionate.  Her speech was intelligent and influential.  Shazel is a moving storyteller.  Both the audience and I were captivated, and hung on the rise and fall of her every word.

I was humbled and impressed at how she used my stories and powerful symbolism to fill the audience with hope, joy, and a sense of responsibility to “keep getting on the bus”, as I had done. 

I was incredibly touched, and wanted to shout, ‘Pass the collection plate, because we have surely heard a good word here today!’  Shazel has a heart of gold, and a God given gift with words."

-Henry “Hank” Thomas

Buffalo Soldier, Freedom Rider, Civil Rights Icon, Entrepreneur

“Some coaches are Master Teachers

because they are expert at their craft. Some coaches inspire us to soar far beyond our self-imposed limitations because they see our innate potential for greatness, even when we cannot. Still, other coaches win our enduring trust as a Mentor because they listen even more than they instruct.  And then, there is Shazel Muhammad – Master Teacher, Inspirer and trusted Mentor – Personified.”

-N.L. Akili Buchanan

Emmy Award Winning Journalist, Educator, and News Commentator. Former News Producer for ABC News, NBC News, CNN, and Documentary Correspondent for The Christian Science Monitor.

“Shazel is an incredible Professor.

With her teaching these courses, it has honestly made [company] feel more like a college campus than a job. It makes coming here each day feel as though I am focusing on my growth and development alongside that of the company, rather than me just working for it. It taught me skills I didn’t even realize I was lacking, and created a common language through which all [company] associates can communicate. Shazel's passion… and the compelling subject matter, are a winning team. I cannot thank you guys enough!!”

– Anonymous, Fortune 500 corporate workshop participant.

“I value your insight

and appreciate your candid feedback. My call with [boss] could not have gone better and I owe it all to you.”

– Teresa W., Senior leader in Operations (one-on-one coaching)

“You can’t buy, fake, or teach what she brings to the table.”

– Tim G., a senior leader in Sales, Fortune 500 corporate workshop participant.

“Shazel, you are so lovely… your energy, your aura and your passion for training… pure delight! Thanks for a great 3 days. I’m looking forward to implementing my ‘top 3’.”

Marcie H., senior leader in Sales, Fortune 500 corporate Leadership Development workshop participant.

“Thank you again for the class yesterday!

I am already working on being more proactive, trying to add more structure and planning to begin my week as well as ways to integrate all of the 7 Habits into my daily life! I look forward to taking another class with you soon, you are such a great facilitator.”

– Melissa A., Fortune 500 corporate workshop participant.

The Influencer 2-day training has power to change from inside out.

Time I spent going over the training was completely worth it, Shazel moderating the course with good sense of humor and the highly organized training filled with practical use cases not only helped grasp the subject matter, also was educational. Motivation and ability from 3 different dimensions of personal, social and structural aspects changed my perceptions for good. It not only helped me better myself professionally, it also helped me personally.

– Bala K., senior leader in IT, Fortune 500 corporate workshop participant.

“Reaching out with a big THANK YOU on behalf of the entire WR team for an outstanding Emergenetics session last week.

Feedback has been tremendously positive and everyone left feeling energized, excited, and armed with new information about how we can optimize our engagement with one another.  All good things and we really appreciate the time and effort you put into prepping for and facilitating the session.”

- Eliot H., Vice President, Worldwide Loyalty & Partnerships

"Shazel has been an amazing trainer,

career coach, and overall mentor to me ever since her days at Wyndham Worldwide. She's an excellent listener, clear communicator, and powerful motivator, with a sincere passion to help people become the best professionals they can be. However, what she does is not limited to just career development. In fact, the "Crucial Conversations" training I took with her not only transformed how I communicate in professional environments, but also how I approach conflicts in my personal life. 
Shazel has truly been a joy, and I will forever be grateful to her for helping me to both discover and OWN my authentic voice. She's definitely someone I will continue to work with, and very much worth the investment!" 

- Krista Salomon, Marketing Professional and Entrepreneur

"Shazel blends a true passion, authenticity, and experience with a style that’s uniquely her own."

– Anonymous, Fortune 500 corporate workshop participant.

“I love the role play practice and easy to remember acronyms. Loved her energy and vibe. Shazel Rocks!!”

-Jackie G., Training Participant

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New York

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(Between E. 43rd & E. 44th)

New York, NY 10173

New Jersey

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