Are you struggling to balance your family responsibilities and the goals for your life?

The importance of balance is often talked about, yet its nuance is never fully appreciated. Knowing how important balance is cannot benefit you until you understand how to apply it in your life.

Webster’s Dictionary defines balance as, “A condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.”

What’s missing for most people, though, is the unequivocal acceptance that “balanced proportions” are relative, and different for everyone and everything.

There are countless examples of balance in science and nature – from the wonders of gravity, to our atmosphere, to the organization of our earth in the solar system. Balance is essential to our human existence. In nature, there are trees that lean over severely, yet out stand perfectly erect ones. Balance is also beautifully illustrated in the human body. There are eleven organ systems in the human body, each pursuing their own description of balance, yet all working together to achieve an overall essential balance critical to survival. In design, there are four-legged stools and three-legged stools. There are 4-wheeled cars as well as 3-wheeled cars. A good friend of mine eats whatever she wants and never gains weight. For me, a weekend of too many sweets and bread and I’m sadly up 5 pounds or more.

Are you seeing the picture?

Balance is self-determined homeostasis. We all must figure out what balance looks like in our own lives regardless of what it looks like for the next person.

“Nothing, in all of creation, can exist without balance.” –Shazel.

Achieving individual balance means that we show up as balanced partners in our relationships. It gives us the freedom to construct the lives we’ve always wanted for ourselves.

Once you identify your current patterns of thinking and behavior that are sabotaging your balance, you can make different choices that will lead to different results.

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