Throughout the year Shazel and Ricartty either host or participate in different events around the US, mostly in the NY Tri-state area, all focused on helping you become a better you.

Sleep Awareness Week – NYC

Sleep Awareness Week Event: Meet the best NYC sleep experts and sleep specialists to learn tips, tricks and skills for getting better sleep.




What people are saying…


Shazel Muhammad, CH

Shazel’s passion for helping others develop to their fullest potential began as an award-winning public speaker at just 14 years old. Shazel connected with diverse multi-generational audiences across the U.S., writing and delivering motivational speeches that won competitions and garnered standing ovations. Those experiences formed the foundations of Shazel’s love of speaking and coaching.

Dr. Ricartty Trinidad

Dr. Ricartty Trinidad is a Board Certified Hypnotherapist and Instructor (Certified Master Trainer) teaching others to become hypnotists so they can help others as well.

Dr. Trinidad specializes in many of the areas where some people have the most trouble. From using hypnosis to conquer fears and phobias to pain management and erectile dysfunction, Dr. Trinidad uses hypnosis, quadrant search for subconscious motives and NLP to help the unconscious be able to process the hypnotic suggestions more easily than just trying to tell yourself “It’s going to be OK”.


Other panelist: Jeffrey Rose, CMH., Dr. Joshua Tal, Dr. Courtney Bancroft 

Why Choose Us

Today, with thousands of hours of coaching and training experience, Shazel continues her life’s passion as a well-respected authority in personal effectiveness and influence. Shazel shares sustainable skills, “secret rules for success”, and funny anecdotes from two decades of lessons learned in corporate America.

Shazel’s style of metacognitive-facilitation and coaching is engaging and energizing. She combines a scientific understanding of individual thinking and behavioral patterns, with healthy doses of self-awareness and accountability measures to create sustained behavior change.

“I can remember, as a little girl, feeling an instinctive reflex to “referee” adult arguments – it was like I could see the gaps between their words and their understanding.” -Shazel

What People Are Saying

“Shazel is an incredible

Professor. With her teaching these courses, it has honestly made [company] feel more like a college campus than a job. It makes coming here each day feel as though I am focusing on my growth and development alongside that of the company, rather than me just working for it. It taught me skills I didn’t even realize I was lacking, and created a common language through which all [company] associates can communicate. Shazel’s passion… and the compelling subject matter, are a winning team. I cannot thank you guys enough!!”

– Anonymous, Fortune 500 corporate workshop participant.

“I value your insight

and appreciate your candid feedback. My call with [boss] could not have gone better and I owe it all to you.”

– Teresa W., Senior leader in Operations (one-on-one coaching)

“You can’t buy, fake, or teach what she brings to the table.”

– Tim G., senior leader in Sales, Fortune 500 corporate workshop participant.

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340 Madison Ave, 19th Floor
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New York

340 Madison Ave, 19th Floor
(Between E. 43rd & E. 44th)

New York, NY 10173

New Jersey

Short Hills, NJ


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