Exam Stress
Educational Performance Coaching

Do you struggle to keep calm when an important exam is looming? Or perhaps your child is suffering unnecessary stress because of exam nerves?

Shazel’s Educational Performance Coaching program is designed to help teachers and students prepare for exams by using relaxation and concentration methods.

It is common for students to latch onto their weakness rather than their talents and strengths and they can become easily discouraged by negative criticism. Shazel helps re-engineer this thinking to give students simple coping strategies to reduce anxiety and ultimately perform at their very best.

It’s normal to feel nervous before an exam but for some, the burden feels heavier and they have no way of releasing the overbearing tensions they feel or counteracting negative thoughts, which is something that can be taught through educational performance enhancement.

Common issues encountered by young people and students include stress and anxiety experienced because of feeling the pressure to perform at their best constantly, which can then lead to underperformance for those who feel overwhelmed on the day of their exam. In the run-up to an exam date, it’s not uncommon for a student to find that they’re experiencing problems with focusing on the task at hand whether it’s revision or retrieving information and so they need to learn the right techniques and physiological skills to regain control and boost their confidence.

How Shazel can help-
Training students to utilize coping strategies to control their anxiety sets them in a better place emotionally and means they are in an improved position to regain confidence in their abilities. Likewise, many teachers can experience breakdowns when trying to achieve performance goals that may seem like moving targets; Shazel can help.

Shazel aims to identify the underlying triggers that cause the unhelpful behaviors. A lot of the struggles that students deal with stem from inhibiting beliefs and lack of self-confidence. These negative thoughts can be dampened with educational performance mentoring and self-hypnosis.

Shazel will train the student to visualize what success looks like and how to get there.

Benefits for client

While this form of support will surely help a student to achieve their full potential, there’s every chance that this training will help guide them through other high-pressure moments that are bound to come up later in life.

Not only does this therapy increase their resilience for the issues at hand, it equips students with life skills that give them a set of tools to help them manage their minds and eliminate thoughts or feelings of failure.

When Shazel helps a student with their academic performance, they experience a positive effect in other areas of their life because their overall emotional well-being is improved.

Shazel offers a holistic approach to help children to get the grades that know they are capable of achieving, and so much more.

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